Recruitment Professionals Pty Ltd respects the confidentiality of all information passed to us by candidates and clients.

Information provided to Recruitment Professionals Pty Ltd from a candidate or client is not distributed for any purpose other than the consideration of a candidate for the position they have applied for / employment within the healthcare industry. Confidential information is not sent indiscriminately.

The candidate is consulted before any confidential information is released to a client.

The company will not jeopardize the candidate's current employment by discussing confidential information with any person other than the employer /company where they have applied for a position and / or by contacting any referee without their prior permission.

A candidate placed with a client by Recruitment Professionals Pty Ltd will not be approached regarding further employment while still employed with that organization. Recruitment Professionals Pty Ltd cannot be held responsible if the candidate approaches the company seeking further employment opportunities.

Recruitment Professionals Pty Ltd will not advertise positions which are not available and for which we do not have permission by the client.